Tax and Law Advisory

Tax Advisory is a powerful tool toward the success of your company. We are committed in guiding you in such manner that your tax contribution is appropriate, preventing fiscal risk and optimizing the tax condition of your company. We support you on all the legal aspects to be considered, through the following services:

  • Tax Advisory combining the experience of the tax auditor and the trial attorney in tax law;
  • Preventive and constant reviews of tax statements;
  • Responses to Tax Administration requirements;
  • Administrative process regarding refunds of value added tax to exporters;
  • Administrative process regarding claim of overpaid Income Tax;
  • International Tax Advisory regarding Transfer of Prices;
  • Legal and tax Advisory related to mergers and acquisitions;
  • Legal and tax Advisory related to creation, modification and closure of corporations;
  • Incorporation of a business company;
  • Legal advisory regarding temporary and permanent residency, and working permit applications;
  • Tax legal defense.